KattuSadham – Food Spices

Packed food for bride groom family to be eaten on the way.

Wedding Time – The bride’s family side packs ready made food items to be eaten or consumed  on the way. This is ‘Kattu Sadam” literally means “packed food”.

GrandMa’s &  Mom’s pack Puliogare or pullikachal, rasam, sambar powders and chutneys for their daughters .

Logic or Reason – When a couple starts new family life there is a setup which helps them smoothly to run their grihastha life. Those days they used to travel by walk and bullock cart and no hotel concept so these kattusadam was their food.

The Puliogare – Made from tamarind and spices, can be added to cooked rice and consumed.

Rasam Powders – different style of rasam powders; pepper rasam, porricha rasam, jeera rasam.

Sambar Powders – simple style, bisi bele bath type, vatha kozambu.

Chutneys- Pineapple Gojju, manga gojju seasonal